Join our Fitness Kickboxing bootcamps!

Join our Fitness Kickboxing bootcamps and get more inspiration for your own training. Learn basics of fitness kickboxing and much more! The bootcamp is designed for any fitness level and there is no martial arts experience needed.

Bootcamps revolves around the proven results of High Intensity Interval Training so you can get in the best shape of your life! We blend High Intensity Interval Training with Boxing Drills, Calisthenics, Core Exercises, Kickboxing, Plyometrics, and Resistance/Strength Training. This complete body workout will give you the results you want fast!

You will get all the attention of personal training at a fraction of the cost in a fun, motivational, group setting. Our workouts are never the same, so you will not get bored.

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Get in great shape with Fitness Kickboxing!

Fitness Kickboxing is a concept for modern, high-intense and explosive training. It gathers the benefits from different martial arts into a highly efficient workout program. It is also a safe form of training, as it excludes the physical contact which otherwise is common in martial arts.

The workout is highly inspired by kickboxing, boxing and other martial arts and the program is created specifically for anyone who wants to get in shape and lose weight quickly. Training is safe and it also fits for beginners. Anybody can train with us – both women and men.
What does a Fitness Kickboxing workout include?
The workout consists 60 minutes of high-intense training; main part of the exercises focuses to middle and lower part of the body: trunk and legs. You will burn at least 800 calories at each training session!
Our training will get you into great shape in short time and you will loose those extra centimetres … As there is no physical contact between the participators, training is very safe. You can train in your own pace – therefore this workout is also highly suitable for beginners.

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Why Fitness Kickboxing?

Fitness Kickboxing has been one of the fastest growing trends of the last 10 years. It's a great and safe workout. Everyone can train, regardless of age or sex. As an instructor you don't need any special equipment, so if you wish to start your own program it is very cheap and easy to do.

Here are some common questions about our Fitness Kickboxing program.

Here are some common questions about our Fitness Kickboxing program. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How I can start with Fitness Kickboxing?

a) All class registration is done online on our website, and you can pay with a credit or debit card.

b) You then inform us you have paid and let us know what day you will start your classes.

c) Come and train.

How often I can train?

You can attend all the Fitness Kickboxing that academies are offering.

I am worried to getting hurt. Do you have physical contact between members?

No, with Fitness Kickboxing classes we don’t have any physical contact. We use training bags or kicking/punching pads.

What is the age limit for the classes?

We don’t normally have age limits, but we don’t recommend our classes for children under 11 years old.

I am really out of shape. Is training suitable for me?

Yes, because you can train at your own tempo. Don’t be afraid to take a break if needed.

Can I come alone? Do I need to bring a partner to train with me?

It is fine to come alone. There will always be partners and instructors to help you.

Do you provide gloves or do I need to bring my own?

You can bring your own gloves or purchase them from the location where you are attending classes.

What should I wear during the class?

You should wear regular workout clothes for class. Shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt are appropriate. Some locations you have to train barefoot because of training mats.

Can I try your classes for free?

No, we don’t offer any free classes. This way we can provide the best possible service for our clients.

 Do I need to attend all the classes?

No, you decided how often you wish to train.